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Our customers are fascinated about our products and always keen to learn more about CBD.  We have put all your commonly asked questions about CBD hemp in this section and given answers here!

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Are Hemp Oil Drops Easy To Use?

The simple answer is yes! Hemp oil drops are one of the most convenient ways of consuming CBD. Caalmyn has a mild flavour profile meaning it does not have a very strong hemp taste, making it easy for most to use by placing a few drops under the tongue and swallowing after 1 minute. Use 2 – 3 times a day with the official maxiumum dosage of 28 drops per… Read Article →

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How can I trust a CBD brand?

It can be hard to trust a brand, especially when there have been news reports showing that some companies are putting in less or even no CBD into their products. We promise accurate ingredient levels in each and every bottle of hemp oil that we produce and we invite you to try our hemp oil and see the difference compared to others you may have tried. CLICK HERE TO GET ONE… Read Article →

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Caalmyn hemp oil is 3rd Party Lab Tested for the Highest Quality

Yes, we know that the other brands “may” send their hemp oil to be tested by a single 3rd party lab, but would you trust such a product? We have partnered with several well renowned test labs to verify our products for that ultra-premium quality and your peace of mind! What does lab testing ensure? It means that if we write that out hemp oil is a 500mg strength product… Read Article →

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Use Caalmyn As Part Of Your Health and Well-being Regime

When people think of hemp oils, most just think of its CBD content. However there is so much more to hemp oil than what people know. Caalmyn hemp oil is packed with amazing nutrients, using Caalmyn you will supplement your daily diet with: organic hemp seed oil, premium hemp extract (CBD), terpenes, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats which include Omega 3, 6 & 9. With all these components working together… Read Article →

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Why its important to know what standards your hemp oil is made to?

Since the CBD hemp oil 🛢️ market has still got approximately 1 year to go before it is officially regulated, it is up-to the manufacturers to set the standards. Many manufacturers are compliant to certain manufacturing standards and some are not producing hemp oils to any standards. This is where at Caalmyn we feel there is a need to stand out from the crowed, we produce all of our oils… Read Article →


Most Commonly Asked Hemp Oil Questions Answered!

This is our post for all the most commonly asked questions, if you want to ask anything specific, drop us a comment below or click here to contact us. How long does this bottle generally last? It depends on how you use the product, a 10ml bottle contains about 240 drops, so if you do 4 drops 3 times a day which equals 12. Then it will last you 20… Read Article →

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Best method of taking hemp extract

There are several ways that you can take hemp extract and the right method for you will depend on what you are using the product for. In general there are four categories of ways to consume hemp: ingestion, vape, sublingual and topically. Typical Hemp Activation Times Ingestion: 10 minutes to 2 hours Sublingual: 10-40 minutes Vaping: 10 minutes or less Topical: 5-30 minutes Ingesting Hemp Oil When ingesting hemp the… Read Article →

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Caalmyn hemp oil for dogs

According to the RSPCA there are over 9 million dogs owned in the UK, making it not surprising that many are looking at hemp to help their pets. Since the popularity of hemp has taken off in the UK for human usage with positive results, pet owners will be please to know that this natural supplement, also works for their fury companions. Is hemp extract safe for dogs to use?… Read Article →


Is Caalmyn hemp oil safe for pets?

Hemp oil which is derived from the hemp plant is now commonly being used for peoples well-being.  You will be glad to hear that your pets have a ECS System that works in a similar fashion to the human ECS system, meaning that your fury friends can also benefit from taking hemp extract in the same way as you! The ECS system is essentially a cell communication system, which is… Read Article →

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How to take Caalmyn hemp oil and how long to see effects?

The use of taking hemp oil extract is ever so popular in the UK, however since their is lots to learn about the product there is no official guideline on dosing. Dosing can depend on an individual level, having to build up the dose until the required effects are sought. Essentially hemp oil works when the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is not optimally working, to restore the balance for your health… Read Article →